It all starts with an idea.

it all starts with an idea.

An improvement on a way of life. An iteration towards something better. It's an investment, and it needs a way to work. Our process-driven approach will ensure your idea will be built for success, on time and within budget.

Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering

Phase 1: Discovery

We want to know you and your business better. Let's get together and talk about your ideas. We will think big, and see where this vision can go. Discovery is our time to spend with you, learning from your experiences, understanding your business models and defining all the pieces in the puzzle.

Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering

Phase 2: Project Strategy

We need a road map that everyone understands. Where this project starts, and how it grow. What we need from you, and how we can best communicate with your people. Our project strategy will layout all the technical requirements, anticipate the scope of the work, and give you an idea on how your vision will come to life.

Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering

Phase 3: Design & Develop

The 'meat & potatoes' of any project, this is where we work our magic. From industrial design and electrical engineering, to software development and user interface creation, we are crafting the experience. Testing and refining along the way, building to specification, and keeping you looped in on the progress.

Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering

Phase 4: Ongoing Support

We believe in sustainable business. The idea that we can continue to grow together. The promise of continued Q&A and product support. The determination of ongoing innovation and betterment of this world. We aren't going anywhere soon, and we will do our best to make sure you don't either.

Support in your company's future
Project Management that gets work done.

Remember that road map we talked about? We consistently make sure the project strategy and scope are always on course. We achieve this through transparent communication with your team, ruthless attention to the spec document, and ongoing evaluation of the timeline and budget.